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What better can we expect for the crowd in a cricket match. The new form of cricket – Indian Premier League is changing the whole concept of cricket. Earlier a run rate of 6 was considered too high to chase but now with changing times, run rate of 12 is also not impossible to achieve. What a nightmare for the bowlers who are under tremendous pressure to limit the scoring rate where as on the other hand the batsmen are enjoying smashing the ball to every corner of the ground.

Starting from the first match in which Mc Cullam scored 158 with 13 sixes to the second match in which Hussey scored a 50 ball 100 with 9 mighty sixes. IPL is being labeled as the batsmen game.The gentleman’s game is becoming a real difficult one for the bowlers who look so helpless when they are being hit for sixes even on bouncers and yorkers.

But one thing is for sure.The Batsmen are loving it, the media is loving it and above all the crowd is loving it. IPL seems to full fill its promise of being the Baap of Manoranjan ( Father of Entertainment) and hope this new form of entertainment entertain us for long.

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Ahmer Ali Abbasi Said,
January 10th, 2009 @6:31 pm  

thz ipl waz very nice i enjoy a lot in ipl i apeel to india goverment tht plz organize ipl crc8 live extras again

gogoikamal29 Said,
May 13th, 2009 @8:10 am  

very nice sixes

March 17th, 2010 @11:08 am  

once more


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